Going to the GF & AF Expo

Today I went with my sister in law to the GF & AF Expo, in Schaumburg, IL. Lots of vendors with lots of yummy stuff and some other products ranging from beauty and haircare to health products or services. There were two companies from Japan I was impressed by that were new to us. The first one is Bears. They make gluten free rice flour in both white and ...continue reading

My first two weeks

It's been two weeks. I've cut out grains and dairy and most sugars. Honey, maple syrup and molasses are still allowed but limited. As for dairy, its been rough. I really miss snacking on a piece of cheese. I'm I can add it back in. I've also cut out eggs. I'm not a big egg fan. I love them in baked goods but alone, I won't go out of my way way for them. I get ...continue reading

The new year

2016 is going to be a year of hard work for me. I'm going to do my best on healing my gut. I want to be able to thoroughly enjoy what I eat instead of longing to have before but can't because I became too sensitive to it. For an example, I loved peppers. It didn't matter if it was mild or spicy. I simply enjoyed them. Now, I'm lucky if I can eat one and not ...continue reading

Thinking about the new year

Since there is only a few days left before the year is over, I have been thinking about what I want to accomplish. I am looking into going full SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) to heal my gut. Plus, I really need to eat more vegetables. I have known for a long time that I don't eat enough of them. If I don't then I am not getting as much nutrients that I ...continue reading

Gut issues

Since my last post, I've been dealing with digestive problems. Recently, I thought I could finally have peppers again. I might be able to have them once in a while but not on a daily basis. So its looking like once or twice a week. I find this to be an improvement albeit a small one. As for tomatoes, the jury is still out on that one. I really have a problem ...continue reading

Tummy troubles

I've been slacking in writing in here. I don't mean to be. I've been feeling lousy for the past month. My acid reflux was at an all time high. It left me having only homemade lamb/beef broth or chicken broth. My hubby tried getting me to eat fish broth but I can only tolerate as an alternative to miso soup and I can only have that for so long. I also cannot ...continue reading

Spring can not come quicker

It's been a while. I know. Boy, do I know. Found out my site was hacked and had to spend time fixing it and getting rid of all the unwanted stuff. I've been quite unhappy for a while. There was the 20 pounds I had gained back in September. I hadn't gained more than that. Besides that I am rather frustrated with Hashimoto's, my thyroid medicine, diet, my ...continue reading


It's that time again when I have to start making appointments. I need to go back to the cardiologist to have him renew my prescription. I am not happy that my blood pressure has gone up a little. Usually it's been around 115-125/75-85. Last night, it was 140/95. I also noticed at my last doctor appointment my weight increased. I'm definitely not happy about ...continue reading

Depression sucks

I hate depression. I really really hate it. It's like unwanted houseguest who doesn't get the hint to leave. I used to have friends to talk with but in the past few years I've come to really notice that I don't have one to call my best friend. A friend that I can confide in. Someone who isn't related to me or married to. Don't get me wrong my husband will ...continue reading

A much needed break

I know, I know. You've been wondering where I have been. Since my last post I took a break. Instead of going somewhere else for a vacation, we stayed home and had fun by ourselves. During the time I had off, I got to go to a spa and spent the whole day enjoying the saunas and the Korean food. I feel great by the end of the day after being there. I know I was ...continue reading